Cornerstone Nursing and Rehablitation Center

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Resident Stories

We asked some of our residents about their stay here at Cornerstone to get a little insight on what they like about our facility. We would like to share what they had to say:

“Therapists here are both motivating and encouraging in my recovery. It felt great to accomplishing my goals on a daily basis.”

“The staff at Cornerstone Nursing and Rehab give awesome patient care.”

“I have not been able to get out of bed in a long time, and now therapy has me walking; before you know it, I will be back home.”

“I love cooking and I have not been able to do that for some time. Participating in Occupational Therapy has given me a chance at it again. I baked blueberry muffins and they were delicious! I can’t wait to do it again!”

“I am so thankful for the staff here, they have taken really good care of me.”